Fresh Produce Prescription Program

This innovative partnership between healthcare providers and farmers’ markets focuses on preventive health care to fight the rise of chronic diseases related to nutrition insecurity. Doctors “prescribe” fresh fruits and vegetables to young patients at risk for nutrition insecurity and chronic diet-related health conditions and direct them to the farmers’ markets where they can receive $25-$35 worth of fresh produce weekly.

The program began in 2014 with 8 patients at a local health clinic.  In 2022, more than 268 families participated, and Everyone’s Harvest distributed $135,350 in healthy local fruits and vegetables “prescriptions” to families in need in our community.

To date, more than 1000 families have benefited from Everyone’s Harvest Fresh RX program, and Everyone’s Harvest has redeemed nearly $630,720 in fresh produce “prescriptions.”

Everyone’s Harvest is so grateful to Salinas Valley Memorial HealthcareNatividad Medical Center, our Monterey County Gives donors, and the Richard William Greenberg Foundation for their incredible support for Fresh Rx families.

Fresh Rx: Fresh Produce Prescription Program