Ad Astra Bread Co.

Ad Astra Bread Co.


Chef Ron Mendoza began his culinary career in 2000, after eight years of working in retail. To pursue a career that was more rewarding, creative, and on a grander scale, he enrolled at the California School of Culinary Arts. During his studies Mendoza joined Joachim Splichal’s Patina Group, starting on the hot line of Nick and Stef’s Steakhouse.

Mendoza advanced to Patina Restaurant where he began rigorous pastry training under Michelle Myers. He went on to work for David Myers at Restaurant Jaan in both savory and pastry. Most recently, Mendoza worked with both David and Michelle at Sona, where his versatility combined with an incessant energy and enthusiasm helped him to create noteworthy desserts for the restaurant. Next, Mendoza took on the executive pastry chef position at Ortolan, working with acclaimed L.A. Chef Christophe Eme. In 2006 Mendoza won a Rising Stars Award and became pastry chef at Aubergine restaurant in downtown Carmel.

Mendoza looks forward to applying his talents to sweet and savory pastry creation for his new venture, Ad Astra Bread Co.

Contact: (323) 823-6772 /

Instagram:Ad Astra

Everyone’s Harvest Market Days: Mondays in Pacific Grove

Carnival Catering

Freshly popped kettle corn. 

Everyone’s Harvest Market Days: Sundays in Marina, Mondays in Pacific Grove.

Chava’s Corn

Since 2002, Chava’s Corn has been serving delicious corn on the cob and loaded baked potatoes. Chava’s Corn is a family-owned and operated activity.

Everyone’s Harvest Market Days: Sundays in Marina, Tuesdays at Alisal, Wednesdays at Natividad Medical Center, Thursdays at Seaside, and Fridays at Salinas Valley Health.

Contact: 831-998-7321/ Instagram: @Chavas_corn

Barajas Frutas Frescas

Barajas Frutas Frescas started in 2000, and has been in the business since they lived in Mexico, serving Aguas Frescas, Tostilocos, Raspados, Gazpachos, Fruit cups & more . They are a family business, with 6 families involved and are currently based in Salinas but serve at locations throughout Monterey County.

Everyone’s Harvest Market Days: Sundays in Marina, Mondays in Pacific Grove, Tuesdays at Alisal, Wednesdays at Natividad Medical Center, Thursdays at Seaside, and Fridays at Salinas Valley Health.

Contact: / Instagram: @Frutasfrescasbarajas

Blazin’ Bayou Barbecue


Blazin’ Bayou BBQ offers the best in authentic traditional southern barbecue to the San Francisco & Monterey Bay areas. We take no shortcuts as everything is created from scratch using only the highest quality ingredients making each bite as satisfying as the first. That’s because we love what we do and take pride in the way we do it. We’re Blazin’ Bayou BBQ.

Everyone’s Harvest Market Days: Sundays in Marina, Fridays at Salinas Valley Health.


Dulce Vida

Jenny Lopez started Dulce Vida, based in Salinas, in July 2021. She went to culinary school in San Francisco and always wanted to have her own business. She has experience working in restaurants and got into pastry. She likes to share her products. One of her goals is to open a cafe/ bakery. Vegan products have been an interest for her. She was vegetarian for 7 years and wanted to make it accessible for other people with the same dietary needs!

Instagram:Dulce Vida

Everyone’s Harvest Market Days: Monday in Pacific Grove, Wednesday at Natividad, Thursday at Seaside, and Friday at Salinas Valley Health.

Hummus Heaven

Hummus Heaven offers many delicious flavors of hummus along with fresh baked pita bread, beet and bean salads, and tapenades.  


Everyone’s Harvest Market Days: Sundays in Marina, Mondays in Pacific Grove, and Thursdays in Seaside

Maido Catering

Koichi Shuraku graduated from a culinary school in Osaka, Japan. He is a professional chef specializing in Japanese cuisine with over 40 years of experience in the food business.

He started Maido Catering Service in year 2000. Koichi’s booth has been participating in farmer’s markets and many annual events like The Monterey Jazz Festival, Japanese Cultural Fair, Carmel Valley Fiesta, Good Old Days, Language Day, Sea Otter Classic, and much more.

Instagram:Maido Catering

Everyone’s Harvest Market Days:  Sundays in Marina, Mondays in Pacific Grove.

Mr. Falafel


Mr. Falafel prepares fresh Mediterranean food including hummus, baklava, and of course fresh tasty falafel. 

Everyone’s Harvest Market Days: Sundays in Marina, Mondays in Pacific Grove, and Thursdays in Seaside.

Tacos Don Beto

Owner, Tony Zuñiga, started making food for friends and everyone liked it, so his Salinas-based business started to expand. Tacos Don Beto sells burritos, tortas, tacos, and classic Mexican street food. He has been in the business for 26 years. Izaiah Alvarado y Emily Lombardi are employees.

Instagram:Tacos Don Beto

Everyones’s Harvest Market days: Friday at Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System

Taquito’s Hernandez


Owner Juan José Hernandez and employees, Yessenia, Bere, Jasmine, and Jetzie, sell delicious Mexican food, including menudo, tacos, and burritos. Juan José has been in the business since 2014, and loves what he does! He came from the state of Jalisco, Mexico, and developed his skills in cooking Mexican food in the US.

Everyone’s Harvest Market Days: Sundays in Marina

Vica Accessories

Veronica has been selling silver & gold jewelry since she was 20 years old, for a total of 30 years in the jewelry industry in both Mexico & the US. She decided to start selling at the markets in June 2018, and ever since then she has included different types of jewelry to share and show people different types of Mexican art in the form of jewelry. Her favorite product to sell is sterling silver. She inspired her son, Victor, to become a metalsmith & jeweler and he has been making jewelry and running his own business since he turned 18.


Everyone’s Harvest Market Days: Sunday at Marina, Monday at Pacific Grove, Thursday at Seaside.

Pancho's Craft Pizza

Owners Francisco and Helen Ledesma, based in Salinas, started baking pizzas as a hobby for friends, and then went into business two years ago when they suffered from job losses due to COVID. Employee Matthew assists them at the farmers’ market and their two cats, Parmesan and Pepperoni, help out at home.

Instagram:Pancho’s Craft Pizza

Everyone’s Harvest Market Days: Fridays at Salinas Valley Healthcare System.


Oli's Cheesesteaks

The owner of Oli’s Cheesesteaks, Alejandro, was born in Peru and moved to the U.S. at the age of 14. Together with his wife, Aiden, he has been running the business for a year, based in Seaside. They make sandwiches and cheesesteaks. For Alejandro, the farmers’ market feels natural to him because, where he’s from in Peru, the food people eat when dining out is mostly street food. He buys his ingredients from the farmers at the market and converts their produce into delicious cheesesteaks. Alejandro also collaborates with other food vendors to make new dishes to try out and expand his menu. And he offers seasonal options around Thanksgiving.

Everyone’s Harvest Market Days: Sunday in Marina, Monday in Pacific Grove, Thursdays in Seaside, and every other Friday at Salinas Valley Health 

Instagram:Oli’s Cheesesteaks


Bertha Valenzuela started Chayitos in June 2020 and is based out of Castroville. She started her business to share with people her family’s culinary traditions. Her favorite products to sell are adobo & honey. Interestingly, both her kids are now helping her in the business. (Pictured here, Bertha and her son, David)

Everyone’s Harvest market days: Monday In Pacific grove, Sunday in Marina.

Small Kind Soaps

Mondays in Pacific Grove and Thursdays in Seaside

MJ Bees

Everyone’s Harvest Markets: Thursday at Seaside

Pensi Pasta and Ruby's Sweet Sicily

Everyone’s Harvest Markets: Mondays in Pacific Grove

M.I.F. Seafood

Everyone’s Harvest Markets: Sundays in Marina, Mondays in Pacific Grove, Thursdays in Seaside

Coastal Kettlecorn

Jeff Powell owner of Coastal Kettle Corn based in Aptos, CA has been selling with Everyones Harvest for 14 years. Originally starting in Pacific Grove he started by an interest in other kettle corn vendors and through the success of the business he can make all his kids go through college.

Everyone’s Harvest Markets: Fridays at Salinas Valley Health

Cres's BBQ and Soul Food

Antwoyn Brown owner of Cres’s BBQ and Soul Food based in Salinas started this business 2 years ago from an idea. They sell Ribs, tri-tip, Mac and cheese, catfish, etc… His interest made him come to the farmers market and maybe a food truck near the future. He claims to have the best collard greens and catfish on the central coast.  

Markets they are in:Monday at Pacific grove, Thursday at Seaside

Randy Seamoss

Jordan Adams, also known as “Mr. Seamoss,” runs Randy Seamoss, a small family-owned business based in Marina that sells Seamoss, fresh pressed juices and health supplements. Jordan enjoys sharing his passion for simple solutions to a healthier lifestyle.

Everyone’s Harvest Markets:Sunday in Marina, and Thursday in Seaside.

Instagram:Mr. Seamoss

Antojitos Mexicanos


El Rinconsito


Son Kissed


Fat Boy Killer Tacos


Central Coastan Pizza

Chris started his business at the beginning of 2021, and although he is not Hispanic his business partner is and has a lot of appreciation of Hispanic culture & food. His 3 helpers are Hispanic. His favorite pizza to sell is the pepperoni & jalapeño pizza and an interesting fact about central coastan is that they offer seasonal pizzas!

Everyone’s Harvest Markets: Mondays in Pacific grove, and Thursday in Seaside.

Instagram:Pizza Man

Blissful Teas

Genesis always likes teas, got into gardening and herbs and decided to start making her own teas. Beginning of 2022 she started her business. Her favorite is the goddess blend and PMS blend. Genesis came up with all her blends!

Everyone’s Harvest Market Days:Sundays in Marina.

Instagram:Teas By G