Selling Information 


*Please note only food and produce are permitted to be  sold at the Alisal, Natividad Medical Center, and Salinas Valley Health Certified Farmers’ Markets.

Step 1: Review EH Rules & Regulations   

Step 2: Download, fill out and submit a 2024 Vendor Application, Liability Waiver and 2024 EH Rules &  Regulations Sign-Off (all three are attached together in the vendor application form below), and all necessary permits by email to If you can’t fill out the pdfs electronically and email them,  you can print them out and mail them to 31 Upper Ragsdale Dr. Ste 4  Monterey, CA 93940.    

Step 3: Your Vendor Application will be reviewed within  two weeks and Everyone’s Harvest staff will contact you  regarding your status as a potential vendor.     

Step 4: Upon approval, contact Everyone’s Harvest to  confirm your reservation and market details.    

Step 5: You must participate in at least four market days  at the same market location in the course of one year. 

Step 6: After your initial participation, Everyone’s Harvest  will review your status – you may be approved as a vendor  or disapproved according to the application process described in the Rules & Regulations. 

Step 7: If you are approved after your initial participation,  you will be required to pay an Approved Vendor Fee per  market you attend (see Vendor Application for fees and  details).   

2024 Vendor Application(English) 

2024 Solicitud para Vendedores(Spanish) 

2024 EH Rules & Regulations (English) 

2024 EH Reglas y Reglamentos en Español(Spanish)   

Vendor Acceptance Criteria (English)

Criterios de aplicación de Everyone’s Harvest(Spanish)








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